Doctrine and Covenants Central: Section 49
Doctrine and Covenants Central: Section 50
Patterns of Light: The Light of Christ (2:33)
Patterns of Light: Discerning Light (2:12)
Patterns of Light: Spirit of Revelation (3:04)
Historical Context and Background of D&C 50
Good Shepherds
Marriage is Sacred
Come Follow Me with John Hilton III (4:09)
Come Follow Me with Taylor Halverson (4:42)
Come Follow Me with Casey Paul Griffiths (10:11)
Come Follow Me: Act in Doctrine (24:25)
Come Follow Me Insights (1:09:47)
"Let God Prevail" - President Russell M. Nelson (October 2020)
"The Holy Ghost as Your Companion" - President Henry B. Eyring (October 2015)
"Peace, Hope, and Direction" - Patricia P. Pinegar (October 1999)
"For Time and All Eternity" - President Boyd K. Packer (October 1993)
"The Plan of Happiness" - President Boyd K. Packer (April 2015)
"Light Cleaveth Unto Light" - Elder Timothy J. Dyches (April 2021)
"The Eternal Perspective of the Gospel" - Elder Rafael E. Pino (April 2015)