Ether 1:18 Why does the Book of Ether begin with such a long genealogy? (Lesson 143)
Ether 2:3 Where does the word "Deseret" come from? (Lesson 144)
Ether 3:2 How were Jonah and the Brother of Jared able to find comfort? (Lesson 145)
Ether 4:5 Is there evidence that Joseph Smith had a urim and thummim and breastplate? (Lesson 146)
Ether 6:3 Where did the Brother of Jared get the idea for shining stones? (Lesson 147)
Ether 6:9 Is the Book of Mormon musical? (Lesson 147)
Ether 9 Why did snakes infest Jaredite lands during a famine? (Lesson 148)
Ether 12:25 Does the Book of Mormon really have "bad grammar"? (Lesson 150)
Ether 12:37, 39 - What does it mean to be a martyr? (Lesson 150)
Ether 13 Why do the Prophets speak of multiple Jerusalems? (Lesson 151)
Ether 15 How could Shiz move and breathe after being beheaded? (Lesson 151)
Ether Why did Moroni comment so much throughout Ether?