A separate book within the volume of scripture known as the Book of Mormon. Chapters 1–2 tell of Ammaron, a prophet of the Nephites, instructing Mormon when and where to get the plates. Also, the great wars began, and the Three Nephites were taken away because of the people’s wickedness. Chapters 3–4 tell of Mormon crying repentance to the people, but they were past feeling, and greater wickedness prevailed than ever before in Israel. Chapters 5–6 record the final battles between the Nephites and the Lamanites. Mormon was slain along with most of the Nephite nation. In chapter 7, before his death, Mormon called on people—then and in the future—to repent. Chapters 8–9 record that finally only Mormon’s son, Moroni, was left. He recorded the final scenes of death and carnage, including the end of the Nephite people, and wrote a message to future generations and readers of this record.

Oh Ye Fair Ones