How do the events in Mormon's life shape the entire Book of Mormon? (Lesson 137)
MORMON 1:2 What do we know about Mormon's upbringing? (Lesson 137)
MORMON 2:15 Why doesn't God punish us the moment we sin? (Lesson 137)
MORMON 6:6 Where is the location of the Hill Cumorah? (Lesson 139)
MORMON 8:3 How can the Book of Mormon survivors gives US hope? (Lesson 141)
MORMON 8:16 Are there other ancient records like the Book of Mormon? (Lesson 141)
MORMON 9:24 Why does part of the long ending of Mark (NT) show up in the Book of Mormon? (Lesson 142)
MORMON 9:32 Why did Mormon and Moroni write in reformed Egyptian? (Lesson 142)