One of the key ways that we learn—is by asking questions.

(Elder Cecil O. Samuelson)

“If any of you lack wisdom,

let him ask of God . . .”

(James 1:5)

How can I find Answers?
Dealing with Difficult Questions
Saints Unscripted
Why do Latter-Day Saints say God has a Body when the Bible says "God is a Spirit"??
Nile river with red algae
Why were particular plagues sent against Egypt?
Noah and the Ark and Abraham
Why is the story of Noah and the Ark so repetitive?
What is the churches stance on Abortion?
Women and the Priesthood (35 min. video)
Sheri Dew - Women and the Priesthood (8 min. video)
LGBTQ-Seeking Understanding (1 hour video)
A Case for the Book of Mormon (9 min. video)
Vaping, Coffee, Tea, Marijuana and the Word of Wisdom
Is vaping against the Word of Wisdom?
Why don't Mormons drink coffee?
How can Mormons say that the American Indians descend from the “Lamanites” when DNA evidence proves a different origin?
What are SEER stones?
Is the repentance process the same if you break the law of chastity more than once?
Coming from an investigator, what is the official teaching of the Church regarding homosexuality?
What sources can you trust?
Is there evidence to the Book of Mormon?
Is there DNA evidence between Native Americans and the Lamanites?
Does DNA evidence prove the Book of Mormon is false?
Did Joseph Smith use polygamy just to get with women?
Same-sex attraction: Church stance defined
How supportive of the LGBTQ community can I be without crossing a line?
Same-sex attraction Q&A
I have a loved one who is gay - what should I do?
Did Joseph Smith steal the temple endowment from Freemasonry?
Crazy rumors about Mormons
Blacks and the Priesthood - Mormon Doctrine and Racism
Are R-rated movies bad?
How to face an addiction to pornography
Overview for pornography users